Working On Projects In The Most Effective Way

Recently, I have been working on a few projects with commercial clients on redecorating outdoor cafes and garden spaces for events. While this is a little different to redoing home gardens, it is interesting to play with different spaces to create an atmosphere that my clients and their clientele like. If you are interested in redoing your garden café or even your home garden, here are some tips which will come handy.

Play with the space

The most enjoyable part about designing an outdoor space is the opportunity to work with many elements such as trees, flowers and water (also squirrels and birds if you are lucky!). Play around with the dynamics of the space, its shape and levels (if any) or you could create levels to add more dynamism to the space. You can demarcate the levels with retaining wall supplies of your preferred colour and texture. You can give it an earthy, rustic feel with brick or stone based supplies or a more sophisticated look with smooth sleepers. You can experiment a little with what complements the indoor design of your café or home in terms of the colour, material and the texture of the walls. Chedk this link to find out more details.

Add elements

May it be a large garden space for a reception, or a cozy outdoor sitting space of a café, adding different elements to the garden makes it interesting and also attract the eye of your clients. A simple addition such as a patio or a gazebo adds a refreshing touch to an open space. If the garden of your café is not as spacious as you would like it to be, a small patio area with the right type of concrete resurfacing in Sydney will do the trick. Adorned with the right colour for the floor and the furniture, it would be a favourite space in your café. For a bigger garden, a gazebo will be an ideal addition as its versatility would make it a popular choice for brunches or dates.

Complete the look

To add that subtle sophistication to the garden, make sure that all elements are brought together visually as a coherent entity. This can be easily achieved by paving the footpaths and driveways as they connect the garden with the exterior of the building. There are many types of solid pavers for you to pick from depending on the type of paving stones that works best with your design. Don’t hesitate to be a bit adventurous with these and give your garden a lively look but be sure not to clutter the space with too many elements of designs.