Tahir Bilgic

Are you looking for a part time job? A job where you can engage with several different people and who want a job which is more social and interactive with people. There are several part time jobs one can opt for but who likes to be around people, then they would love to become a comedian. Becoming a comedian is not an easy task, because if one opts for any job it will not be an easy job. Hard work and effort is a must requirement for everyone so giving your best is what one should focus on and then you will definitely get your results. Also if you want to become to a comedian there are several pointers one must take into consideration and become a comedian.

The first thing to consider for becoming a comedian is to thing s to what is funny according to you. For every person the perspective of funny is different, for everyone the word funny comes with different stories. Thinking about what is funny and then writing it to produce it in a different and unique way for your audience is an art. You will be required to bring a different view and for your audience and make them laugh because you will have to consider everyone’s sense of humour and what their likes and dislikes are. Furthermore if you want to become a comedian you will be required to watch other persons comedians performances so that you will get to know their viewpoint as well such as of Tahir Bilgic who is considered one of the best comedian of his time. Also attending plethora of comedians performances will help you explore different genres and also to different performances style.

Moreover, when you have watched several different performances of different comedians you will be able to know what you want to opt for and what type of comedy you would want to do in future. Furthermore, you should be making your own jokes and try writing them up  and keep writing them so that when you are done writing you will have abundance of jokes written  and you will be able to become one of the greatest comedian of all times such as Tahir Bilgic. His work is the best and listening to Tahir Bilgic will make you opt for comedian job more. So if you want to be more careful opting for a job then make a pros and cons list and choose wisely. But if you want to get an inspiration from someone the one and only best comedian is Tahir Bilgic.

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