Building Infrastructure Malformation Like Carpeted Squeaking Floor

carpeted squeaking floor

Flooring sets as one of the main component in building and maintaining the infrastructure of the construction properties. The floors form the base of any building which could support the light and heavy weighted structures of furniture as well as human motions. Along with being an integral structural measure, floor is necessary for the interior aesthetic of a house or commercial building. Therefore, after installation of layers of flooring it is even more important to maintain it in the best shape for long time. There are instances where squeaking carpeted floors are suspected to be found in homes that are of old age or have suffered from low or no maintenance. Such floor bases create noises when move upon because the main and sub layers of the floor beneath the carpet have moved from their installed position resulting in a hollow space between them. Conditions of carpeted squeaking floor are mainly due to high humidity level. This calls for an emergency treatment of such floors aided by the use of talcum powders and lubricants which will initially help to reduce the noises.

Squeaking carpeted floors

Squeaking is basically a different kind of noise that creates a nuisance to ears. Such unpleasant sounds are often heard from carpeted floors that have lost their position of floor joints between main and sub layers which often rub against each other. In case of wooden flooring, squeaking carpeted floors is most reported when the wooden floor planks dry out and wither in shape.

One of the other reasons of such flooring deformities is that the sub-floor might have been affected by the water damage. This cause a non-generalized shift of the bottom and top layer of floors leading to squeaks and creaks. The squeaking carpeted floors are mostly repaired by using a lubricant or construction adhesive that will eventually help regain their previous space in the floor layering.

Carpeted squeaking floor

The best way to style up your residential and commercial flooring is to adjust it with a carpet or rug, as it directly improvise the floor’s appearance beautifully. However, if the floor is poorly maintained it may cause certain disturbance. One such case is of carpeted squeaking floor where abnormal noises are produced as a result of sudden shifting of floor layers. Apart from the water damage and age factor of the floor, termite damage is another pivotal factor which can lead to floor squeakiness.

Most commonly wooden flooring has found to experience carpeted squeaking floor but there are few cases in which even concrete floors can undergo with such floor irregularities. Under these circumstances, if recovery is possible than floors is repaired using lubrication method or are completely replaced by new floor base.


Squeaking carpeted floors are found whenever there is a sudden shift in the top and bottom layer of the floor planks. The carpeted squeaking floor creates noises like squeaks and creaks which are nearly unbearable if any motion is made.